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Anyone who knows me well knows one thing I love is the world created over four decades ago. That is the world of Star Wars. We are currently in the 2023 European Celebrations in London. Fans have been treated with so much to look forward to. We are getting new films focusing on the very first Jedi, a film set around the time of The Mandalorian. Also coming is the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey, as a Jedi Master fifteen years on from the events shown in Rise of Skywalker. We have Ahsoka on the way and The Acolyte. Gamers have Jedi Survivor to look forward to with also more on the cards.

Star Wars is a franchise with much more on the way. Respawn has a shooter on the cards, Quantic Dreams have Eclipse. Ubisoft is even diving into the universe we all know with the team doing Avatar and also responsible for The Division taking the franchise on. I even thought to myself previously, why has nobody taken on The Mandalorian. Or could the story given after Episode 3 with Obi-Wan be taken to gamers? Also, this year is a key year for the franchise. This Summer marks the 40th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi. I still remember going to the cinema when it came out all those years ago.

Should We Get More Games In The Star Wars Universe

Watching the anniversary panel for Return of the Jedi made me think, could we take gaming in this universe further? Take a look at the recent Lego Skywalker Saga game we see the demand is there. If we look at for example Uncharted 4, we can have a game huge in scope and location. Even the recent Jedi Fallen Oder and the upcoming sequel could pave the way. So with these in mind, could we turn the whole Skywalker saga into a series of games? I remember the first film in the timeline Episode One: The Phantom Menace had an action-adventure game. Though would it be doable to give the entire Skywalker saga a gaming entry outside of the recent Lego game in the style of the recent Respawn adventures?

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