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Back on December 17, 2020, Square Enix filed trademarks for “The First Soldier” and “Ever Crisis.” And on December 22, they filed for the Shinra Electric Power Company logo, all of which are related to Final Fantasy VII. As of today, these trademarks have been made public. This was perceived by the people over at Gematsu. However, what does this all mean?

Sephiroth Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

What is the purpose behind this?

According to Chizai Watch, these trademarks were categorized under the following: paper, toys, education/entertainment, and mechanical equipment; allowing for these trademarks to be utilized in a variety of services, video games included. Although there have been no further details on “Ever Crisis” or “The First Soldier,” as someone familiar with the Final Fantasy VII mythos the first titles that pop into my mind are Crisis Core and Before Crisis. While I am not one as involved in the speculations of future titles as much as others, these trademarks do intrigue me quite so.

These trademarks could signify the possible subtitle of the next part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. “Ever Crisis” has a further correlation with the games mentioned previously (Crisis Core and Before Crisis), both of which consist of events that took place before Final Fantasy VII. It could very well indicate that we are possibly getting another look at that time before FFVII, but remade. Is it a stretch? Maybe. Would it be great to experience those events with today’s tech? Absolutely! Before Crisis was released on mobile and Crisis Core was released for the PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Credit: Square Enix

Now, “The First Soldier” is more synonymous with the one-winged angel himself, Sephiroth. This is due to the fact that he was the first Jenova- enhanced SOLDIER in existence, furthermore, this might point to a possible look at the origins of the character or of the elite force SOLDIER itself. And in regards to the Shinra Electric Power Company logo, this could be in the realms of merchandise or advertisement opportunities.

Whatever the reason behind this, Square Enix is sure to deliver more of their incredible titles in the future, be that in video games, CG movies, anime, or graphic novels. What do you think these trademarks imply? What do you want to see come out of this?

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