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Sephiroth finally joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Yes you read that right. The Game Awards started with a bang this year with its reveal of Sephiroth as the next Smash fighter. With this announcement, this is now the second time a Smash fighter was revealed at the show. If you remember, one of the most famous moments of the Game Awards came in 2018. The reveal of Joker from Persona 5 caught everyone off guard. And similarly, Final Fantasy VII Remakes villain has done the same. Super Smash Bros Ultimate since its release, has only grown bigger. The game’s roster has amassed close to 80 fighters now. Including some of the most iconic video game characters in all of gaming. Characters like Mario, Link, Solid Snake, Sonic, and Cloud. Now, the Game Awards reveals yet another addition. During the show, Nintendo revealed that Sephiroth will join Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He’s now the third new character in the second Fighters Pass add on. He also joins Cloud as the second character from Final Fantasy VII. On top of this reveal, Nintendo also gave a December 2020 window. Recently, we’ve seen the aforementioned Joker join the long cast of characters. As well as Minecraft Steve and Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie. There are only a few more slots left with this reveal but this, unlike the most recent one, seems to have fans excited.

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