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Sonic Frontiers isn’t a game we’ve talked about a lot. It’s a game that took the famous blue hedgehog and put him in an open-world environment. Now we have not one but two pieces of news about the open-world adventure for Sonic, The first piece of news may not be much of a surprise if you remember the announcement of the game’s road map last year. Also, everything announced in the road map below is free.

The first update as we see includes some DLC as well as new challenge modes, a jukebox, and a photo mode. The name of this DLC is Sights, Sounds, and Speed. The update went live on the 22nd of March. The update contains two challenge modes called Cyber Space Challenge and Battle Rush. According to NME “Cyber Space Challenge will task players with completing seven stages from each of the game’s islands before the clock runs out, Battle Rush will offer a “special surprise” to players who can quickly defeat waves of Guardians and Titans”. They also tell us more about the Jukebox which allows us to listen to music from the game as well as previous Sonic entries. So we have 53 songs with only thirteen automatically unlocked, meaning we have to find the rest.

The Other Sonic Frontiers News

This will only benefit those on PlayStation or more specifically those who subscribed to the PlayStation Plus Premium tier. This tier allows game streaming which was gained from PlayStation Now. It also allows for selected games to receive a game trial. So according to a recent PlayStation Blog post. Right at the end after we see a breakdown of all the new content we see news of a trial for Sonic. It tells us that players can play the Sonic Frontiers Game Trial for free with PlayStation Plus.

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