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Earlier this year we brought to your attention the rumor of an iconic franchise by Konami. That being Silent Hill. Since then very little has been said of the franchise. We’ve heard stories of a reboot that has images that Konami wanted to be removed. We heard rumors of other projects and a remake of the second game.

As yet nothing has come to light yet rumors did not die down. In fact, Konami was said to be revealing a new game from a well-loved franchise at Tokyo Game Show. Now that event has been and gone and no news of anything Silent Hill related was ever announced. However, at the time of writing it seems something is happening.

Where Next For Silent Hill

On the franchise’s social media accounts, we see a sudden change in the profile image. As well as that we have an event set for this week as we see the following announcement.

So it seems something is happening this coming week with a broadcast at 2 pm PDT / 11 pm CEST. The question now is will we see another iconic franchise return? However, what is your take on this announcement? As always we’d love to hear from you.

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