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The most recent State of Play event by Sony gave us some notable upcoming releases for the rest of the year and beyond. Before this even many were hoping for news on the remake of Silent Hill 2. You aren’t alone as I’m one of those fans excited for the game’s return. Though we got no release date we got something unexpected release-wise that being Silent Hill: The Short Message.

This is the first of the new games promised back in 2022. The game is developed by Konami Digital Entertainment and producer Motoi Okamoto posted in the PlayStation Blog to tell us more about the game. It was always planned as a free release due to fact it’s an experimental project.

It’s a more modern setting and looks at how the younger generation use online tools for communication. The post adds to how social media can ultimately be horrific. This is when “even insignificant individual comments can, en masse, build and build until they become this overwhelming wave of hate crashing down on you”. The game even on launching warns you of this. It tells us to expect depictions of suicide, self-harm, abuse, trauma and bullying. So please note this game may not be for everyone and some may find it distressing. They kindly provided a US number for the Suicide and Crisis lifeline.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Playing The Game

IGN has talked about the plot as well which states

The game is set in an abandoned apartment building known as Villa, in the fictional city of Kettenstadt in modern-day Germany. Plans to renovate the apartment building were thwarted first by the financial crisis and then the Covid-19 pandemic; the building now lies in ruins, and has become a popular suicide spot.

Silent Hill

Let’s focus on the game itself. We play as Anita, a teenage girl who is in the abandoned building searching for her friend Maya. Where the game excels immediately is the visuals and audio. It’s boding well for the future of the franchise on a presentation side. This release feels more of a demonstration and if you’re familiar with games like Visage and PT you’ll find this easy to grasp. If you remove the shooting mechanics and experience Pine Harbour, you’ll understand the gameplay I have experienced so far.

It takes Silent Hill and puts in a first-person perspective and for me, I think it works. However, I don’t think it should be a go-to for every release. I am impressed with the game as a whole but some themes in this game were tough to play with due to personal experience. Could I recommend it. That’s hard due to the themes present but if the content you can cope with then yes it’s worth a look. It’s also free so you lose nothing by trying it out. Below is a video showing how the game looks and runs but please remember the themes the game is depicting.

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