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During the PlayStation State of Play, the team from Konami provided some much-needed information. Mainly we got a look at the work on Silent Hill 2 remake. However, they also were sneaky and dropped another gem on fans. During the show, they announced a new Silent Hill game that dropped after the showcase called Silent Hill: The Short Message.

It seems that shadow-dropping games during showcases are becoming more and more popular. Last year we saw Xbox shadow drop Hi-Fi Rush the same day it was revealed during their developer direct. even during the game awards, Baldurs Gate 3 dropped on Xbox, even if they, unfortunately, stumbled on the announcement due to being rushed. However, PlayStation hadn’t had a moment like that yet. Until now though as Konami dropped a brand new Silent Hill game. The best part is that the game is also free to play for anyone on PS5. From the trailer, it seems to take place in an Abandoned apartment complex following a young girl.

The interesting thing is it all seems to take place in a tight corridor that’s very claustrophobic inducing and a bit looping. Almost like it was an overhauled PT or reworked. Who knows, but the trailer made it eye-catching nonetheless

You can watch the trailer for Silent Hill the Short Message below:

The game is now available exclusively on PlayStation5. Here is a description of the game from its store page:

Following messages from her friend Maya, Anita finds herself at a crumbling apartment block, infamous for rumors of suicides.
Drawn inside, Anita soon finds her sense of reality shattered as she encounters bizarre, otherworldly spaces, haunted by a twisted monster.
Maya’s message was clear — “can’t leave til you find it” — but what is it that Anita is really looking for?

Game Description – PlayStation Store Page

So will check out the new Silent Hills game, or are you waiting on the Silent Hill 2 remake only? Let us know down below.

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