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The remake of Resident Evil 4 was released earlier this year. So for those who missed it and want to know more about it before buying, our review can be found here. Not long after the release rumors of new DLC were on the way. Steam had added new achievements with no title and supposed voice recordings in the game of Ada Wong were leaked. The original release has the Separate Ways DLC so it made sense this was going to be the approach taken by Capcom for the remake.

As time went on fans were left in the Dark. However, things changed on 14th September. This was the most recent Sony State of Play focused primarily on third-party releases. In this Resident Evil 4 did make an appearance. As expected the main point was the upcoming VR mode for the PlayStation VR 2. Then we got the official reveal for the DLC and as expected it was Separate Ways.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC

The last time we saw DLC for Resident Evil was the Shadows of Rose expansion for Resident Evil Village. This was a follow-on from the events of the base game and was its own story. It also played slightly differently from the base game. With this expansion, it’s more a case of filling in some gaps and fleshing out the story. Also, this DLC puts the player in control of Ada Wong.

Visually the game hasn’t altered in quality from the base game and the gameplay mechanics are identical except for one key point. Unlike Leon, Ada has the use of a grappling hook. A brief look at the grappling hook in action can be seen below.

This aids in traversal in certain sections and the optional melee QTE we see at times in the story. In terms of settings for performance and visuals, there are not any noticeable changes when compared to the main game. More information on the DLC and the new content for the Mercenaries mode as well as the VR 2 release can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

Worthy DLC Or One To Avoid

The expansion is out now priced at £7.99/$9.99. Being a huge fan of the original and really impressed with the remake, it was worth the price for me. The story can hit anywhere around the 4-6 hour mark as well. I can only recommend it if you’re a huge fan of the remake and want a complete overview of the story. If it’s a game you’re on the fence about this new DLC isn’t likely to be a must-buy. Also. All footage was captured directly from the Xbox Series X version of the game.

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