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It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything on the upcoming first-person Sci-fi horror title Scorn. However, developer Ebb Software has given an update on their progress on the title. So we get to see some more of the game’s puzzle elements and the unique machinery design. So if you found the previous footage sickly, then maybe wise to turn away now. But if you are following development with interest you may find the update interesting.

Scorn. Where Development Is At

The video shown below gives an example of a puzzle in the game. It’s a striking game and there aren’t many games with such a strong visual impression and the sound effects match the visuals as well. They do say in the update on Steam that “overcoming discomfort is an innate motivational factor that Scorn injects into its players”.

As for the in-game machinery, we see from the video below more of how disturbing the game design is. So we see how the machine connects to the character’s actual skin on his hands to bypass a locked door. Consequently, expect even more equally grim and dark puzzles as you play.

They are aiming for an October launch and this was their final word on this update

I’m happy to report our development is still on track, and we’re wrapping up the levels one by one. A lot of time and effort has gone into ensuring the finer details are just how we want them throughout the earlier levels. For these completed areas, optimisation is the next priority. We’re still working through several significant elements for the final stages, but are progressing as planned.

We’re also getting things ready for rigorous rounds of gameplay testing this summer. We want to ensure the game will run smoothly across all the devices we launch on.

Hopefully, this makes its October launch. It is most definitely one game you won’t forget.

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