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Over the past week many video game developers, publishers, publications and more have spoken out against racial injustice against black people. This push steaming from the unjust murder of George Floyd. George Floyd’s murder by police is not the sole reason for the post by companies but his and the many before him. Majority of the social media most have been very uplifting and encouraging. Some have a simple message to black people around the word ” We stand with you”. Rockstar Games however, took a different approach. Now, I love Rock Star Games just as much as the next person but their way of showing support for the black community and tribute to George Floyd’s death seems a bit tone deaf. Their attempt to show support is to take down their online games for 2 hours has fallen flat. Please do not misinterpret me, I get the gesture, sort of. I am just not sure…..actually I am sure this does not show any type of support. It in no way honors George Floyd. It appears, and I could be wrong, as a way to just follow the trend and do something. This however, was not it Rockstar Games. What is you doin baby?  

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