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Not too long ago, I decided to revisit a game I absolutely love. Thanks to an Xbox One X optimization, that game—the wildly popular and well-liked Red Dead Redemption—looks and plays better than it ever has. Although I’d dearly love to see a remake, like many fans of Rockstar we all know the tale of the previous GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy’s disastrous launch. That allegedly made it less likely that Rockstar would revisit this masterpiece and improve the follow-up. Would a remake be a hit, given how well the first did and continues to do?

I read an article on the sales of Red Dead Redemption, which only launched on two platforms. Those being PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. The article states that the original is still selling well today. If true then financially, it would be a strong case to remake the game. I know I’d buy a faithful remake, and I have a feeling I won’t be alone in that thought. We’ve also seen a series of fan made Unreal Engine 5 concepts. This is just one of a few I’ve seen

The Case To Remake Red Dead Redemption

Fans clearly care enough to spend time redoing it in Unreal Engine 5. If we look at the engine Rockstar has now for games like Red Dead 2 and GTA 5, it shouldn’t, in theory, be as hard as some may think. Look at the much loved and generation defining sequel, for instance. A good section of the map in the original game is a playable area in the game already. Consequently, some gamers have actually found the Mexico area as a hidden area in the map. Maybe it could have been planned to be included at some point? There are some good reasons to remake the game, and not just for nostalgia’s sake. Red Dead Redemption 1 was a true masterpiece crafted by the people who know how to make great games. There is a whole generation of people who have yet to experience the original game. Rockstar should definitely look at this game amongst some others that people have been begging to be remade. However, I don’t see it happening anytime soon or even in this console generation.

Have you ever played RDR? Which is your favourite Rockstar game? Let us know that and more in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more from Lv1 Gaming!

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