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Way before the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S launched, we started seeing the future games for this generation. One such game is Quantum Error by TeamKill Media. The last we spoke about this game was in September 2020. This was when the studio confirmed an Xbox Series X/S release after originally it was only announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It was discovered that there seems no release for Xbox One. A strange decision since it’s releasing on PlayStation 4.

The official website lists this as a “cosmic-horror FPS” and the following storyline

When the Monad Quantum Research Facility – 30 miles off the shore of CA – is attacked by an unknown entity, engulfing the complex in flames and putting it into a full containment lock-down, a distress call is sent for mutual aid to the Garboa Fire Dept in San Francisco, CA.

Fire Chief Sturgis answers the call and sends you – Capt. Jacob Thomas – your partner Shane Costa and a crew by helicopter to the Monad Facility.

Your mission is simple: save as many lives from the burning complex as possible and get out.  However, what starts as a rescue mission quickly plummets into darkness, when you arrive and find that things are not as they appear.

Where Quantum Error Is Now

Originally this was due to launch in 2021. It was using Unreal Engine 4 originally as well. Development has now switched to Unreal Engine 5 which would potentially explain why it missed its 2021 release date. But now we have a recent story teaser which is work in progress footage. And this is captured on a PlayStation 5 in Unreal Engine 5

No release date was mentioned. All we know is the game is coming soon and we can add it to our wishlist on PlayStation 5.

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