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We have a whole host of simulators on the market I’m busy playing through Hotel Renovator on PC at the moment and looking forward to seeing how that handles on a console in the future. City building sims are getting an upgrade in Cities Skylines 2 and we have the upcoming new life sim in Life by you. Though one special simulator that is unlike the rest and on Xbox Game Pass may give you a reason to reinstall and jump back in. As that’s what this news has me tempted to do. Yes, you guessed it, it’s back to PowerWash Simulator. The cleaning simulator is getting yet another update means we’re going to clean everything.

PowerWash Simulator is doing really well, for example, if look at the Steam listing I see out of 806 recent reviews it’s rated “Overwhelmingly Positive”. It’s the same rating for the all-time reviews which at the time of writing I see 29,981 “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews. All in all, it’s been a not a bad start since the full launch in July last year. The question is how do you keep attracting players to come back, especially to a unique game like this? They gave away free new content and the last lot of DLC had us at the famous Croft Manor. The game teamed up with the Tomb Raider franchise to bring new levels to clean.

The Next Step For Our PowerWash Simulator

Well, we have more new free DLC out now and yet again it’s also free for players. It only makes sense to bring Midgar and Final Fantasy to the world of our power-washing sim. Yes, you did read right, that was Final Fantasy’s turn to join the team. It’s not an expansion you expect to follow Lara Croft that’s for sure. We have a trailer as well which can be seen below:

According to Games Radar the DLC is also canon to the world of Final Fantasy 7. According to the article, the games lead designer Dan Chequer stated Square Enix actively worked with Futurlab on this expansion. They worked together to “approve every aspect of the DLC, including the narrative”. It will be interesting to see how the worlds connect and what weird tie-in the new Final Fantasy games will have.

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