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PlayStation State of Play: Hogwarts Legacy was the focus of this week’s Sony showcase. The showcase revealed a beautiful modern open-world RPG that dives deep into the lore of the Harry Potter franchise.

Hogwarts Legacy by Avalanche Software and Portkey Games is a game where you become a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. The presentation showed off many details of the upcoming game, also providing gameplay footage of gorgeous cinematics and dark and majestic locations.

Become A Wizard

PlayStation State Of Play: Hogwarts Legacy

At today’s PlayStation State of Play, Gamers learned they could create a custom wizard and start their adventure as a new fifth-year student. The in-game footage showed fights with goblins and dark wizard threats and also season and climate changes. Learn to cast dozens of spells and brew potions while discovering dungeons and solving puzzles. The wand combat looked impressive, showing off different talents and skills.

Hogwarts Legacy

Any fan of the Harry Potter series will instantly recognize recreated movie locations and locations only found in the books for readers of the series. However, the game is not a movie adaptation but a story created by the player. Broom flight is a source of travel but not the only source of the journey beyond the castle walls. Discover Ancient magic, meet allies and join other student companions in mysterious side quests.

Hogwarts Legacy

Craft Your Hogwarts Legacy

The presentation was followed by a behind-the-scenes with game producers, artists, and game directors showing unique art illustrations and also the variety of locations and regions and how they brought Hogwarts to life. Venture the late 1800s as a young wizard and uncover the mystery. Unfortunately, there was no release date announcement presented. Gamers will have to wait until a later date for more information.

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