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If you were following some of our Christmas articles we told about video games being the best present for either Moms or Dads. So you’ve just got your shiny new console and want to know what games to get? Hopefully, we can go one step further and recommend some games for you.  So, no matter your tastes we can recommend some games.  We’ve covered the games coming up so now lets look at a selection to get you going. Naturally, everyone likes different games so here’s my personal picks for you to at least consider.  Also subscribing to either the Game Pass ultimate or PS Plus services is a good start. So, where do we start recommending some games.

Personal Picks. Where To Start-

This is a tricky area as so many genres exist and then have different games and game styles. My picks will include some RPGs as that’s a go-to genre for me at present, especially action RPGs. So without further ado let’s start there.

The Witcher 3

Just recently upgraded to newer-gen consoles and the PC is CD Projekt Red’s classic. It was the first to allow them to go open world and the first multi-platform entry in the franchise.


One of the most iconic and loved titles out and people are still able to discover new things even years after the game’s launch.  It has a special edition and is also upgraded for the newer consoles.  If you subscribe to Game Pass, this is a must-try title.

Elden Ring

The winner at this year’s Game Awards, not my Game of the Year. Though it was until late.  So, I’m not a fan of From Software Soulsborne games.  The Dark Souls trilogy I have tried multiple times and can’t get into the.  However, a friend sent me the gameplay reveal of this and I was impressed.  I got the game and thought what have I done and ended up completing it and all Xbox achievements unlocked.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

This was an RPG I’d tracked for some time. I love the era and the setting looked stunning.  Once I played it I never felt disappointed.  It’s not the most forgiving combat as you have to think and not be overconfident but for me, it works.  The story I found the engaging. An underrated gem.

Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas

Although New Vegas is done by Obsidian and the third game isn’t they are similar approaches.  These are for many the two best games in the franchise.  If you’ve only experienced Fallout 4 or Fallout 76 then go back further and if possible pick these up.  Fallout 4 on Xbox at launch for those who grabbed a physical copy got Fallout 3 included and both are available on Game Pass and playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Another popular go-to is the action-adventure game and there are some big names I add to my picks.

God of War/God of War Ragnarok

God of War is a stunning game with one of the best stories out there and pushed the PlayStation 4 hardware to its limits.  It is a must-play and you don’t need the earlier entries to enjoy it.  The recent sequel is for me the Game of the Year.  Read here if you want to know why I loved it, then feel free to check out my review.

The Last of Us Parts 1 & 2

The original The Last of Us launched at the end of the PlayStation 3 era and was soon remastered for PlayStation 4.  The game finally got a sequel and the original was for me remade to a high standard.  This franchise is up there in my all-time favorite games and many others feel the same.  Early 2023 it gets its HBO series so what better time to check this out?  When Part 2 launched, it was very nearly my Game of the Year.

Ghost of Tsushima

When The Last of Us Part 2 launched and I played through the game, I thought that was my Game of the Year contender nailed down.  However a few weeks later the story oh Jin Sakai was out and I fired up this game.  After beating it, Game of the Year was decided.  This is one of the best PlayStation exclusives available today for me. It is also the subject of a film adaptation.

Spider-Man/Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The original story hit PlayStation in 2018 and was my clear winner for the best game that year.  When the PlayStation 5 launched it was remastered and we had the standalone expansion launched alongside. Both are fantastic experiences and very much worth you’re time.

Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West

These are two fantastic games and not the games we expected from the creators of Killzone.  However, Guerilla created an engaging adventure for both games.  The first game Horizon Zero Dawn pushed the PlayStation 4 hard and it’s a case of if it’s not broken don’t fix it for the sequel.  Forbidden West enhances the experience even more and we will see more with expansion next Spring.

Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Redemption 2

The first game is easily one of my favorite games of all time and it has an expansion to add more content.  The story for me is incredible and the multi-player was well designed and works well.  People still play this even now.  The second game is a prequel and again has one of the best narratives in a game.  The game is also one of the best-looking games ever made for me. Especially when you factor in the depth of the world you have at your disposal.

I also enjoy first-person shooters, even when not especially great at some of them. Here’s a small selection.

Rainbow Six Siege

This launched nearly ten years ago now and is still very popular to this day. It is a tactical team-based shooter where to get the best out of the game, communication is indeed crucial.  It is a tough game at first but I found that put the work in and you reap the rewards.

Wolfenstein New Order/New Colossus/Old Blood

If you recommend one of these, I feel you need to recommend all of these.  They are a story-based shooter which is just well written and a lot of fun.  There is another game in the franchise which is co-op based.  However, this for me isn’t as fun.  All are available with a Game Pass subscription.

Doom/Doom Eternal

Doom is an iconic first-person shooter.  Fast-based and mindless but also an incredible amount of fun.  The reboot is also pretty brutal.  Again these are also available with a Game Pass subscription.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

One of the most iconic games in the genre, and very topical as it’s a key point in discussions with the Activision deal.  The Modern Warfare games are among the best in the series for me and I’ve played a lot of this online with friends and it’s been a good deal of fun.

Some More Personal Picks

Other genres included are sports and survival horror and simulation games.  Sports I usually play a golf game, FIFA or Football Manager.  Forza and Forza Horizon would be included.  However, it depends on your sporting interests. Simulation games I’ve played and enjoyed are House Flipper, Building Simulator, and Gas Station Simulator for example.  As for survival horror, I feel you won’t go far wrong with the Resident Evil series.  If you can play it, go further back into Silent Hill 2.

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