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Nowhere Prophet, by publishing label No More Robots and development team Sharkbomb Studios, is finally coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox Game Pass, and PS4, at the end of July, for $24.99. This title will launch on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC on July 29, and Nintendo Switch on PlayStation 4 on July 30. Pre-orders are open now, with a 25% discount to early bird purchasers. Below is the reveal trailer. Check it out so you can have a better idea of the amount of fun headed your way. Nowhere Prophet fuses card-based combat and a tactical battle board. Tactically drag your followers onto the battle board, and use Leader Cards to utilize your unique skills, swaying the fight in your favor. Outside of combat, make narrative decisions that will greatly affect your journey, filling your disciples with hope — or draining the last bit of life from their tired bodies. Procedurally generated maps give you a new journey each time you play, while 10 different convoys and four Prophet classes that change how you play, along with more than 300 cards to discover, make Nowhere Prophet infinitely playable. Nowhere Prophet On Xbox Game Pass just makes for a lot of fun for subscribers.

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