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With the game’s release date on the horizon, Rocksteady has revealed new details on the game’s battle pass along with seasons and it all sounds very promising.

In a Q&A on their Discord, Rocksteady revealed the following about the battle passes:

  • Contain cosmetic-only items
  • Includes a free and premium track released for each season
  • 75 tiers in the pass and will include outfits, color swatches, banners, emotes, and premium currency (premium currency earned in a battle pass can be used to buy future battle passes)
  • Battle passes don’t expire – players can play a season after it ends

Rocksteady also revealed that every new season will include a new playable character, a new Elseworld to explore, new missions, and new gear all for free. This battlepass seems to be the golden example for how battlepasses should be – with no expiring passes, cosmetics only, and a bevy of free content with each update.

I’m eagerly awaiting the game’s release on Jan 30th and Rocksteady says season 1 will start a couple weeks after launch!

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