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One of the closeout news from the Capcom showcase was More information on Monster Hunter Rise. With its recent Success on other platforms due to its launch on Xbox platforms and in Gamepass, as well as on PlayStation consoles. However, there was only one thing left to know was when the Sunbreak expansion would be coming. Now, we have confirmation that Monster Hunter Sunbreak will be coming in April!

The expansion added a whole suite of changes to the base game. Adding new locations and new monsters, as well as new violent and suped-up versions. However, one of the biggest changes in the game was the very core of the game. The new attack stances and usages of weapons. Each individual weapon had been overhauled with a new style of combat which can be switched between freely. Adding a new mix of combos and possibilities giving more freedom of playstyle.

Along with the new monsters and location, players will be getting every title update to title update 5. Thill will bring it up to version 1.3. Now the biggest question is when will other consoles be getting the expansion. Well It will be launching on April 28th on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

They announced they will also be hosting a special Monster Hunter focused stream sometime in April as well and to look out for that. So tell us are you excited to get back into Monster Hunting with the new Monster Hunter Sunbreak expansion? Have you played Monster Hunter Rise at all, let us know in the comments below. I only recently played it and have been enjoying it myself!

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