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Are you a fan of the Metro games? If you are you’ll be very familiar with the journey of Artyom. The franchise is based on a series of books by author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The first book was Metro 2033, then 2034, and 2035. The first game was also named Metro 2033 which was released in 2010. Metro Last Light was the sequel and we saw that in 2013. Metro Exodus was released in 2019 and later received an enhanced edition. However one question remains, would we ever get a Metro 4?

The existence of Metro 4 was confirmed in November 2020. 4A Games said they’d already started on the next game in the series. This entry they confirmed would not be appearing on last-gen hardware and they will be overhauling the engine. The full statement on the future of the franchise can be read here. We are nearly three years on and very little is known. The gap between the first two games released was three years then six between the last light and Exodus. Let’s hope we can get new information soon.

So Where Is Metro 4 – The Latest On This Franchises Future

It does appear something could be revealed soon. As well as another single-player story we have a possible multi-player project. If we look at an article by Gamerant. They state that “According to Spanish YouTuber eXtas1s citing industry sources, the Metro Exodus sequel has been progressing quite nicely since then and is already in a fully playable state”. This source not only correctly leaked the Redfall release date but Game Pass getting Soul Hackers 2. Still be prepared for no real information coming at all from this source.

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