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After suffering a delay we can finally play Lightyear Frontier which launched on PC and Xbox Series X/S. This includes launching on Game Pass for both PC and Xbox. I also tested the demo earlier this year which was part of the recent Steam Next Fest event. As yet we don’t know if at full launch this will launch on PlayStation at all. Now we have a full release what can we tell you about the state of the game?

Visually nothing has changed in Lightyear Frontier. We have more regions to unlock and resources to find and unlock and grow. These help with upgrades to your mech and its tools as well as building new farm buildings and equipment. The gameplay on console is similar to what I experienced on the PC demo. It feels smooth to play and we get more of a story to the game though the focus is more on building your farm and upgrading and maintaining it.

One thing I have discovered on the console release is you need to save often. This is as due to the unpredictable crashes. I could play for three or four hours before a crash or suffer one after half an hour. However, it is an early access build so this can be expected. Sometimes I could choose to save the game and I would see the saving prompt. However, when going to load that save, the game had actually not saved. The most time lost due to issues like this was maybe an hour’s worth. Though it was looking for some collectables I now knew the location so replaying was faster.

The Future Of Lightyear Frontier

We can see the official website has the road map for the game. So from this, we see the following information.

Mini Update 1

  • Quality of life improvements and accessibility improvements.
  • Bug fixes and tweaks

Mega Update 1

Broadening the base game experience

New features

  1. Neighbour friendship system
  2. Keeping animals on your farm
  3. And much more

Mini Update 2

Community requested features

Mega Update 2

Expanding the world and progressing the story.

New features

  1. More crops, animals, and upgrades
  2. New secrets to uncover


  • More areas, neighbors, plants and animals, and upgrades.
  • Community suggested content
  • Story development and conclusion.

They do say this road map will be continually updated as the game development progresses. Even after completing the story I still have treasures to find as well as getting plenty of resources for the next update. The game I’ve found it relaxing and addictive and the future is promising. Though it is hard to review properly with the game still getting new features and content down the long e with it being early access.

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