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Some Lego news now, more specifically sports titles involving those little bricks. We know the first sports title planned to be Lego Football. It wouldn’t be the first sport to feature the popular building bricks. Forza Horizon 4 had an expansion based on them which was a whole lot of fun. Now another Lego sports game is on the way and it seems a certain plumber has more competition. Yes, Mario Kart has Disney and now Lego on its tail. First, we had Disney Speedstorm which is soon to hit early access. Now the next contender according to Tom Henderson and Insider Gaming was Lego 2K Drive.

When the news broke it was thanks to Shpeshal_Nick of XboxEra. He brought forward claims that a new racer LEGO 2K Drive is currently being developed. This came about when a  job listing for a producer by Visual Concepts appeared. It seems they were working on “an open-world driving game with a major license”. So were we about to see another racing title?

Lego 2K Drive And What We Know About It

Well with the confirmation that the rumors are true, the next question is when we will be seeing this game. However here is well new, the game is coming soon. We have a confirmed release date of May 16th for the Awesome Edition and the Awesome Rivals edition. If you go for the Cross Gen Standard Edition or the Standard Edition pre-order, it’s the 19th of May. The game’s announcement trailer can be seen below.

So what do you make of all this? Would this be a game you’d want to play? Gamespot has revealed the game is ready to pre-order and break down each edition. It will be coming to all console platforms as well as PC.

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