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rainbow colored energy filled aura shrouding meitenkun

SNK is making Wednesdays Special again as they dropped a surprise King Of Fighters gameplay reveal. The sleepy fighter Meitenkun makes his comeback from King Of Fighters XIV to a very surprised KOF crowd. The first trailer announcing King Of Fighters XV showed off cutscenes and only Shun’ei, K’, Leona, Mai, Kyo and Benimaru. Meitenkun’s reveal was truly a surprise.

The recent trailer gives us Meitenkun performing actual combos. We get a peek at the gorgeous stage and at some of the energy attacks and pillow wallops he dishes out. Meitenkun is a fun and confusing character to play with and against. He confuses and makes players hesitate to get close since he can move pretty quick and smack you with his pillow.

  • sleepy meitenkun kof xv

The trailer gets us pumped for next Week as SNK has promised to deliver more details. You can enjoy the teaser below as we wait for an official release day. Until then we keep licking our lips for the next drip of KOF details.

Come back for your KOF XV updates and other great Fighting game news here on See ya next week!

sleeping meitenkun swith wording above him saying : tune in next week

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