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Wednesday didn’t disappoint as SNK released the new Benimaru Trailer for the upcoming King Of Fighters XV completing TEAM HERO.

Team Hero king of fighters xv

The team is made up of previously-shown Shun’ei and Meitenkun, who don’t belong to Team China as in King of Fighters XIV. Benimaru is a bit of a mix-up to the teams as he usually paired with classic fighters from previous KOF games.

The trailer Shows off the flashy and lighting fast move set for Benimaru.

“Born into a rich family and raised by his Japanese father and American mother, this shooting star takes fighting to a shocking level. His slender frame enhances his electrostatics and his chiseled legs (built from years of shoot boxing) allow him to land kicks that hit like bolts of lightning. During this tournament, Benimaru’s friend and rival, Kyo Kusanagi, forces him into a position where he must watch over Shun’ei and Meitenkun.”

SNK has really stepped up the trailers and character reveals for King of Fighters XV. Benimaru is moved to the new team by Kyo Shattering expectations. I for one am excited at the drips of new info we get to enjoy every Wednesday.

KOF XV releases later in 2021 so we should start seeing more and more team reveals in the coming months. The trailer says to come back next week for more details. In the meantime enjoy the screens and trailer to get the combos mixing in your heads.

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