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Xbox games making their way to PlayStation platforms have become a reality, with some already released or enjoying strong pre-order sales. Conversely, it’s rare to witness PlayStation exclusives landing on Xbox hardware. However, there have been exceptions, such as Death Stranding’s PC version arriving on Game Pass. Now, a recent game rating suggests that another title, previously a PlayStation console exclusive, may be expanding its horizons. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which governs ratings in the North American market, has rated Kena: Bridge of Spirits Deluxe Edition. While Kena may not be a widely discussed PlayStation title among gamers, it has been a console exclusive until now, a status that could potentially change based on this rating.

In recent times, there have been several instances of game ratings being leaked ahead of official announcements. One notable leak involved Star Wars Outlaws, which received a rating and subsequently got a confirmed release date set for later in the summer. Another significant leak pertained to the Silent Hill 2 remake, which was rated, and rumors suggest a potential release date, though no official confirmation has been made yet. Additionally, the PlayStation 4 and Switch port of Red Dead Redemption also had its rating leaked before any formal announcement.

These leaks have become increasingly common, potentially spoiling surprises for eager fans and gaming enthusiasts. While ratings are necessary steps in the release process, their premature disclosure can dampen the excitement surrounding highly anticipated titles. Nonetheless, these leaks have fueled speculation and heightened anticipation among gamers eagerly awaiting the launch of their favorite franchises.

What We Know About Ken: Bridge Of Spirits

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits launched as a console exclusive on PlayStation developed by Ember Labs. For those unaware of the premise of the game here’s the description and features as listed on the PlayStation Store.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a story-driven action adventure set in a charming world rich with exploration and fast-paced combat. Players find and grow a team of tiny spirit companions called the Rot, enhancing their abilities and creating new ways to manipulate the environment.

Kena, a young Spirit Guide, travels to an abandoned village in search of the sacred mountain shrine. She struggles to uncover the secrets of this forgotten community hidden in an overgrown forest where wandering spirits are trapped.

Find The Rot

Timid and illusive spirits scattered throughout the forest. They maintain balance by decomposing dead and rotting elements.

Key Features

  • Build Your Team: Find and collect Rot to gain powerful abilities, make discoveries, and transform the environment.
  • Explore: A forgotten village and a strange curse. Draw on the power of the Spirit Realm to restore this once-majestic world.
  • Fast-Paced Combat: Spirits have become corrupt, trapped, and unable to move on, challenging Kena at every turn.

We reviewed Kena: Bridge Of Spirits before it launched and it’s a review I can’t agree more with, Ember Labs created a pure gem of a game. It was one I really enjoyed at launch and should it become a Xbox title, it is one I fully recommend. Below is the February 2021 State of Play trailer for the PlayStation release. Also, all screenshots here are PC captured provided by Pure Xbox who also covered this story.

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