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Many discussions are taking place on the internet about an Xbox exclusive that may be making its way to other consoles. First and foremost, I recognize the concerns about the risky route of placing exclusives on other systems. Naturally, Xbox fans are concerned that Xbox’s attention and focus will shift away from their core audience. As someone who has had Game Pass for a while, I can tell you that there is a simple and easy way to silence the noise. Xbox needs to step up its push to include more major third-party titles in Game Pass. Expanding Game Pass is a perfect way to overshadow year-old exclusives going to another platform.

There are numerous podcasts where I state that if *fill in the blank* company allowed it, Xbox would put Game Pass on it. To be honest, it appears that Xbox has focused on the sale of controllers and Game Pass subscriptions over consoles. I’m not going to count, but I’ve seen more advertising for different controllers than for the consoles themselves.

But, getting back to the topic, simply keep raising the value of Game Pass and a large proportion of the internet will have little to complain about. If the rumors are true and Hi-Fi Rush makes its way to the Nintendo Switch, this is not a bad thing for Xbox gamers. And Xbox is more concerned with competing with Amazon and Google than with Sony. That has been the case for a few years, and perhaps these are some of the growing pains associated with the pivot. Increasing the value of Game Pass is, once again, a solid solution to address the core fanbases’ insecurities.

Imagine adding another big title 3rd party release to the service every month. February bringing either Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League or Jujustu Kaien: Cursed Clash into Game Pass. Then in March getting South Park: Snow Day or Dragons Dogma 2 in Game Pass would be legendary. Of course, this is my personal pie-in-the-sky thoughts but Xbox could make it happen. And this would be a surefire way to let the Xbox First gamers know they are not an afterthought. If Xbox is going to start trickling console-exclusive games to other platforms this could be a way to overshadow it.

Other Potential Ways To Expand Game Pass

  • Create an increased discount rate for members subscribed for a year plus. (Similar to Humble Bundle, 20% off for those subscribed for 12 months)
  • Have quarterly sales for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers
  • Discount or add World of Warcraft subscription for Ultimate subscribers
  • Give out more months of Crunchyroll

Exclusives sell consoles, as proven by Starfield. However, Xbox’s parent company, Microsoft, is known for spreading its software as widely as possible. So it’s impractical to assume that a similar strategy isn’t being considered for Xbox.

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