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So we now have the Steam Next Fest underway with lots of games to try out. However, let’s cast your mind back further. In particular, this Summer we saw the demise of E3 and a rise of the Summer Games Fest and Xbox were part of these preceding’s. Now one game shown off at that event was a game by Don’t Nod called Jusant. It’s a twist on traditional narrative adventure games. This title is set to be dialogue-free as we saw in the announcement post on Xbox Wire.

If we browse the Steam listing we can see the Next Fest Demo is available and find a bit more information about what Jusant is. So no This game is described as an “action puzzle climbing” title. You and your partner are standing at the base of a tall structure. You must master your climbing equipment and scale the tower. Traveling through several biomes will gradually reveal the tower’s history.


The Game Features

  • Experience climbing like never before – Master your climbing tools and watch your stamina meter to successfully navigate this mysterious and changing tower. As you go higher and hone your skills, you’ll have to figure out how best to use the tools at your disposal to get to where you want to go. Explore alternative paths to find clues about what happened here.
  • Relax and bask in nature – Play at your own pace. As you climb, you’ll come across breathtaking biomes full of flora and fauna, accompanied by a peaceful and atmospheric soundtrack. Brace yourself on arid, windy slopes, seek refuge in tunnels lit only by bioluminescence, and more.
  • Journey with a companion made of water – Meet the mysterious Ballast. This creature will help guide you throughout your journey by waking nature along your path and helping to reveal clues that will help you piece together the tower’s past and reach the top.

Thoughts On The Jusant Demo

So, the best way to tell how good a game is is to check out the gameplay and then try it out for yourself. We’ve got you covered if you want to check out the mechanics of the game before you experience the demo. Here’s a quick peek at the demo’s opening moments.

We have a pleasant looking adventure and I’m a fan of the art direction used. Not every game needs the realism we see in, for example, Callisto Protocol to look impressive. This is one such example, with outstanding quality all around the world, including the lighting. It’s extremely simple to pick up and play, and the demo gradually takes you through how to use the climbing gear. When the game was revealed, it piqued my interest. Now that I’ve had a chance to try it, I’m really impressed. It will be available on newer platforms as well as on PC. It will also launch Day One in Game Pass.


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