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At the launch of PlayStation 5, some titles from the PlayStation 4 catalog were not supported on the new backward compatibility feature. This has slowly changed with the latest title, Joe’s Diner being added. In October Hama Doucouré, PR and communication specialist at Nacon spoke to Push Square revealing TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 is getting PlayStation 5 backward compatibility support.

Joe’s Diner is now backward compatible on PlayStation 5 as developer Vis-Games released a 500MB patch which is also the first the game has received since its September 2016 launch. This means it is now updated to version 1.01 and the game’s patch notes state compatibility with PlayStation 5.

Joe’s Diner Update 1.01 Patch Notes For PS4/PS5 Following features are added. – Compatibility with PlayStation(R)5

Joe's Diner in game

For those unsure of what the game is about then, the PS store listing describes as follows.

Somewhere along the venerable Route 7, in the middle of nowhere, you will find Joe’s Diner. As an employee working the graveyard shift for the next month, your primary task is to keep the tables clean – no tough challenge at all.

Unfortunately there’s a rub to it. The old Diner was built on the site of a former Indian cemetery. Amongst the buried, two rival chieftains are laid to rest while alive each could not stand the other.

One chieftain endeavors only to rest in peace. The other, a prankster both in life and the afterlife, is prone to ruffle the feathers of his fellow chief.


Work over 30 night shifts as a holiday replacement in Joe’s Diner

• Keep things calm to not incur the angry chieftains’ wrath

• Atmospheric graphics with fantastic lighting

• Innovative gameplay

• Deactivate all objects after the chieftain does his monkey business

• Premium sound scenery and effects

• From the makers of “Pineview Drive”

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