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In July 2013, a PlayStation 3 game was introduced to the world. It was a new IP for Naughty Dog, more recently known for the Uncharted franchise and Crash Bandicoot. This new IP introduced the world to Joel, Ellie, and the broken world of The Last of Us. This was the beginning of an amazing franchise with a deep story to tell.

The Last of Us. One of the most iconic moments of the journey for Joel and Ellie

Unsurprisingly, due to its success in 2014, it got a re-release. This was as a remaster for the next-gen console the PlayStation 4. Those who missed out on the story of Joel and Ellie could get to experience the world crafted by Naughty Dog. The original game was critically acclaimed and is often in the conversation for the best ever. Bold claims indeed considering the numerous amount of great games that have been released.

The Next Step For The Adventure of Joel and Ellie

2020 arrived and we saw the long-awaited sequel, this time around we had Ellie as the main character. There is also an HBO Max TV series in production. For the UK, this is expected to air on Sky Atlantic. However, the rumors if true, mean we could have so much more to the world and lore of The Last of Us. It seems the story started by Joel and Ellie is a saga that has some longevity.

The Last of Us. The story of Joel and Ellie is still impressive today

We have heard about a full remake for the original 2013 release. Allegedly, it’s nearing completion and set to hit PlayStation 5 later this year. So the big question has to be, do we need one?

I would personally say no. The remastered version still holds its own. However, a remake in the engine used for the sequel would be a welcomed change. We are yet to hear anything on this officially at this time. Keep in mind a standalone multiplayer project is supposedly due soon as well.

The Chance of a Director’s Cut Rumour

It wouldn’t be a surprise for The Last of Us Part 2 to get a director’s cut. It’s something we saw with Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. The game still holds up and looks amazing. So what could Naughty Dog change? As it runs at 4k60 on the backward compatibility feature for PlayStation 5. Meaning an upgrade should allow for the game to meet that benchmark unless they make changes.

The Last of Us Part 2

Where the first game could use some tweaks to AI, the sequel is still impressive. Maybe implement Ray tracing and support for 120 FPS. Would that be enough to justify buying the game again? After all their upcoming Uncharted upgrade has a small upgrade fee. With that release, it seems little has changed enough to warrant the price.

The Last of Us Part 2

So what will convince people to buy an upgrade for The Last of Us Part 2? Especially if it can run 4k60 and already looks fantastic. That question may be best answered by fans so post your views on this. Have you enjoyed The Last of Us games? Personally, I have loved both and play them regularly. Remember there are rumors of a script that exist for a third game as well.

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