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After a long wait, Jane Foster has finally joined Marvel’s Avengers game. For many, the first they have heard of this character will be in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, however, she has been important in the comics since she made her first appearance in Goddess of Thunder issue #1 of 2014’s Mighty Thor.

In the most recent war table video, you can take a deep dive into what makes Jane Foster unique from Odinson.

According to the most recent blog, due to their similar origins, Jane will share many Gear Perks with Thor; when looking at gear stats, these perks will feature Thor’s icon (Mjolnir). Gear Perks that are unique to Jane and have her icon and feature hero-specific specialization. For example:

  • Classic Set Gear Perks will focus on perk synergy and highlight range-focused abilities while improving the capability of each heroic attack.
  • Critical Recall: When returning to your hand, any target hit with your hammer will be a critical hit.
  • Lethal Ranged Hammer Restoration: Defeating an enemy with a ranged hammer attack drops a Regen pack.
  • Technical Set Gear Perks will focus more on her overcharged mechanic and how it differs from Thor.
  • Unarmed Overdrive: Unarmed attacks generate 15% more Overcharge energy per attack.
  • Lethal Rampant Extension: Defeating enemies while God Tempest is active will extend the duration of the ability by 2.5 seconds.
  • Apex Set Gear Perks will tie into Jane’s Heroic Ultimate ability.
  • Ultimate Cryo Hazzard: Activating an Ultimate Heroic on the ground creates a Cryo Hazard.

Luckily for those of the Avenger’s Game more is in store. The game will be introducing two additional challenges to the game’s story after The Mighty Thor was included in patch 2.5 as part of their goal to advance the plot with content that focuses on heroes and villains. The first is a Warzone that is geared for villains and will disclose M.O.D.O.K.’s fate following the destruction of his Kree Sentinel.

Time will tell if these most recent updates will get players back into the game, but its a good start.

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