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Let me take you back to the Summer of 2021 for a game we asked at the time could it fill the hole left by Dino Crisis being a survival horror with dinosaurs. the game in question is called Instinction which is being developed by New Zealand studio Hashbane Interactive and is inspired by the Dino Crisis franchise.

Therefore the next question is what do we know exactly about the game? If we look at the official website we see a brief description of the survival horror. From there we see that Instinction is a “first-person prehistoric action-adventure with a wide-linear campaign”. In terms of gameplay, we are promised a combination of quests, puzzles, combat, and exploration.

Instinction Release Details

The game on PC can be preordered now on the website which provides the Steam Key. Though we see two editions on offer. A Standard Edition and Supporter Edition. For the Supporter Edition as well as the base game set for Q4 2025 you will get alpha access later this year. The first DLC will be free as well. Also in this release are the supporter-only skins, UI & menu. The bundle also includes a digital soundtrack and artbook. However that’s not all, you get access to the Supporter-only Discord which includes.

  • WIP content | rigging videos
  • Monthly Briefing updates | bi-annual AMA
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes content
  • Post release documentary
  • Private screening of gameplay videos before release

However, it’s also not cheap. The standard will sell at $39.99, but the Supporter Edition will set you back $119.99. However, we have no pricing listed for other regions. Also from the gameplay video below, we see it’s launching on PC first then console. As to when console owners see this launch we also have no information.

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