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Towards the start of the year, we mentioned a potential new game from genDesign. This is the studio created by Fumito Ueda. His name may not mean much on its own. But he’s the person behind some of the iconic and loved PlayStation classics. Most recently he gave us The Last Guardian and before that, we saw Shadow of the Colossus. It was later remade stunningly by Bluepoint and I revisited that recently. Another loved Ueda title as highlighted by Push Square turns twenty-one very soon. It’s a PlayStation 2 classic, the stunning ICO.

ICO could be classed more as a platformer action-adventure hybrid. To sum up the game you play as a boy born with horns. The title of the game is taken from your character’s name. He was after birth taken away by a group of warriors. They lock him in a stone coffin inside an abandoned castle to later be sacrificed. After he luckily managed to escape he meets another prisoner, a girl called Yorda. Even looking at a game from 2002 today, this game still looks really good.

Should We Revisit Ico

The game itself is still incredible. I was thinking about this article and what to write when I decided to revisit the remake of Shadow of the Colossus. That is a game you need to play, to experience. The same can be said of ICO. I also from the game itself can’t pinpoint the exact reason it’s so good. Face technology has advanced so much from that time say’s it needs to be remade. Look at the remake of Demon’s Souls compared to the original. Put the world of ICO and put in say Unreal Engine 5 and you’ll create a visual gem. However, the game is for me so much added together. Can the sum of all the parts be recreated 100%? If not then for me no remake should be attempted. Maybe a remaster or a port so others can experience it.

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