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Stats, quest, rankings, challenges, single-player campaign mode, and open-world hub area no this is not the newest JRPG it’s NBA 2k22. I have been playing NBA 2k since 2K10, I remember seeing someone in college with the Collectors Edition that came in a mini locker. What hooked me on the game was the MyPlayer mode. I immediately felt like I was playing some type of action RPG game. Not even going to lie I even learned more about the NBA because of it. Was even able to keep up with conversations about the league.

To the point, what started off as an add-on to the game has now evolved into a full-blown Online Action RPG. All of the typical open-world RPG mechanics are here. Create a character, choose their position (class system), and grind in order to boost their stats. Don’t forget you even make choices that affect the outcome of your story. Look I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but NBA 2k is now an MMORPG centered around sports.

The character customization is so in-depth, that you can choose how your player leads into a specific dunk. Animations for almost every part of the player’s movements are customizable. Let’s not spend all day going over the clothes and different ways to travel the hub area.

The Way I Play NBA 2k

So creating a player and grinding through the single-player career mode is not so simple anymore. Multiplayer is now part of the MyCareer experience taking it from an RPG to an MMORPG hybrid. On some level to get the full experience or VC from the game I have to interact with other players online. Whether it’s to take a picture of someone doing an emote or playing pick-up games. Playing the MyPlayer or MyCareer mode is dramatically different than how it was when it first was introduced (I miss the old system).

NBA 2K has evolved into an online sports RPG I know you can label it a sports simulator. But as someone who plays a lot of Action RPGs, this feels very similar. Also, Fantasy Sports is just a TTRPG where its outcomes are based on real-life actions and not dice rolls.

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