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Echo Generation Review (Xbox Series X)

Imagine it. It’s summer break. You’ve waited months for this to come back around so you could hang with friends, have fun, make memories, and completely enjoy yourself. Except, the adventure that’s coming walks with the supernatural. In Echo Generation, you…

Death Trash

DEATH TRASH, From A Tweet To Early Access

Oftentimes on the internet, you’ll come across people discussing their “Perfect Game” or if they made it “they would”. One man actually did it and his creation is Death Trash. A post-apocalyptic world inspired by cyberpunk and horror classics while also,…


Yaga A Comedic Dark RPG is Now Available on Steam

Indie publisher Versus Evil in partnership with Breadcrumbs Interactive have announced that its darkly funny action role-playing game Yaga is now available on Steam for PC. To mark the momentous occasion, the game will release version 1.2, the “Spirits for Spirits Update” which includes a brand new side mission…


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