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We’ve seen some exciting custom controller designs and the like for Xbox. Does anyone remember the Sonic one? One company that used the past to come up with a controller design is Hyperkin. They revisited the original Xbox to bring a new friend back into the modern day. That was the Duke controller and it got an update for the Xbox twentieth anniversary. Now they have another controller due out which we heard of last and was covered at the time by Windows Central. This controller may give us many more memories so let’s look at what is to come

So now we see a follow-up to the Duke. As we know, they took inspiration from the original Xbox which came with the original Duke controller design. Though it’s now common knowledge Microsoft then launched the Xbox 360. So the new controller is an “official Xbox 360 replica controller for Xbox and PC”. This controller on the announcement was called the Xenon and this is what we knew at the time

  • Hyperkin has announced the Xenon, an officially licensed replica of the Xbox 360 controller.
  • The Xenon is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. 
  • The Xenon comes in black, white, pink, and red models, which all include a 3.5mm headset jack and a USB-C cable.
  • The release date and price for the Xenon have not yet been revealed.

So Now Are We Close To News For The Hyperkin Xenon Release?

We are indeed, we have the release date and also the US price for the controller in an announcement. First off we can pre-order the controller from their store from the 5th of May, The controller arrives on the 6th of June and will set you back $49.99. This is cheaper than the three versions of the Duke controller in the store at $89.99

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