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Just a few weeks ago we gave you the second part of the article on Cozy and Wholesome Games You Did NOT Play. One of the games on that list I knew well is the game House Flipper. I’ve completed the campaign and DLC on Xbox as well as nearly all the DLC on PC. It is a game I thoroughly recommend and is always a nice change of pace.

So what brings House Flipper back to the forefront? Well today out of the blue, a post by Pure Xbox brought us an announcement. The Game Pass additions continue as this game hits Game Pass. So, for those interested, we have even more good news. It’s available to jump into right now. Also, the Pure Xbox announcement states the game is available for Xbox Game Pass and cloud. Upon checking the PC Game Pass catalog, it’s showing up on there and is an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

What’s House Flipper?

The gameplay trailer below should help answer a few questions.

Also, the Xbox store listing gives the following

Handyman at your service!

You’ve got to earn it around here before you purchase your first property. No worries though! Luckily, there’s plenty of work at your fingertips! Take job offers from nearby residents – clean up, paint walls, install heaters, showers, and air conditioners, or even furnish their whole property! Once the grateful clients pay you for your solid work, it’s time to get your own house.

Play your way

Grab your hammer! It’s time to take a bit of a rude approach and knock some walls down! Get rid of broken glass shards, litter, and leftover pieces of furniture, to prepare the place for a complete makeover! It’s up to you to either meet every single requirement of specific buyers or make yourself a cozy office to grow your business in.

Work smart, not hard

Fortunately, you’re not alone. The set of your trustiest tools is here with ya! With the help of your paint roller, window cleaner, plaster tool, mop, hammer, and of course, the mighty tablet, no renovation will scare you! Using those tools also gives you experience, which can be used to upgrade them and polish your skills, making your work even more pleasant.

Sit down and relax

Regardless if you plan to create the house of your dreams, help the residents with their renovations or feel the need to smack some walls – House Flipper is here for You! So just sit comfortably, let go off your usual daily routine, and delve into the world of House Flipper… into your world!

The Xbox Store description

The Downside

Unfortunately, there is only one DLC available on console which is Garden Flipper. If you purchase on Steam, you can access to three with another on the way. Though, at least with this addition to Game Pass you can try it out and see if any DLC is worth your time and money.

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