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I am very excited that Part 1 of this new series on the LV1 Gaming website was a success. My heart is always content to see gamers embracing the cozy and wholesome genre. To me, these games are the key to relaxation after a long day of work. So, to continue our journey, today we will talk about 3 more that cater to different play styles. I hope you find a new cozy and wholesome game to add to your library.

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter

Developed By: Games Incubator

Published By: Games Incubator and Playway S.A.

Price: $19.99

Platforms: PC

Animal Shelter has to be one of the cutest and coziest games I have played this year. As the name suggests, this one is all about running your own animal shelter. Your goal is to find a cat or dog that is in need of care. Then, you need to find the perfect home for them. However, things are not that simple. There are plenty of things to do before you allow someone to adopt one of your four-legged friends.

When you find a cat or dog, you will notice that they have special needs to fulfill. So, once they arrive at your shelter, you need to take care of them. You will need to provide them with food, water, and toys. Not only that, but you also have to clean them up by giving them a bath and taking care of any wounds they might have. To do so, you need to shop for items and make sure you always have enough food and water in stock.

Additionally, you can expand your shelter and design it however you want it to be. You can add more space to take in extra cats and dogs, get a washing station, expand the yard to play, and more. What I love the most about this, is the flexibility to place things as you please. This makes the shelter feel like the home that you would want to offer to stray dogs and cats.

After properly taking care of your new friend and raising your friendship with them, it’s time to find them the perfect home. So, you grab a camera, take a photo, scan it on your computer and start finding matches. As the pets have unique traits, you need to make sure these fit with the person looking to adopt. For example, if a dog does not like kids, you can’t send them to a new home full of children. After finally finding a match, you part ways with the animal and wait for the adopter to let you know if the match was successful. This in turn gives you money to expand your shelter further.

This game is incredible. The sense of attachment you get to the animals is adorable. I highly recommend this game to adults but also younger kids.

Animal Shelter is for you if you:

-Love pets

-Want to adopt a pet but can’t for some reason

-Lost a pet and want to find peace (I saw someone say that this game helped them mourn their dog’s passing)

-Enjoy building games where you have enough flexibility

-Do not like overwhelming mechanics and extreme micro-management

Animal Shelter is NOT for you if you:

-Are expecting an in-depth tycoon game

-Want animals other than dogs and cats

-Get easily bored from repetitive game routines (get a pet, take care of the pet, send it away, expand shelter, repeat)



Developed & Published By: Reky Studios

Price: $19.99

Platforms: PC

BunHouse is an adorable game all about a bunny-run greenhouse. Yes, you play as a bunny who takes care of plants. How adorable does that sound? This one is simplistic and fantastic for anyone who wants a minimalistic cozy game experience.

You start by choosing your bunny and find yourself in an empty greenhouse. Your goal is to buy plants, take care of them, sell them and expand your greenhouse. To help you do that, you get a Plantpedia. This is a book that holds information regarding the different plants you can take care of. In the book, you will learn each plant’s preferred amount of sunlight and water.

To plant, you have different pot sizes to choose from. Then, you need to fill them with fertilizer, water them, and make sure they are exposed to the correct amount of sunlight. After a plant grows, you can sell it and slowly unlock new plants to grow. However, you always need to make sure that the fertilizer is clean as well. Not only will you unlock new plants, but you will also get new hats for your bunny to wear.

As I mentioned, you get to expand your greenhouse. However, the options are pretty limited. You can change its color, paint the doors and choose the finish of the paint (rustic or not). As for the interior, you have a few options to add like a small fish “pond”, wooden boards with vines on them, and such. And the cutest thing is that everything you order is delivered by birds to your doorstep. So, the game is not the most complex with decoration and building but does an excellent job at maintaining cuteness overload.

I think BunHouse is made for individuals who just want to chill. It’s for an audience who wants to play a simple game and listen to a podcast. However, in my opinion, the asking price in relation to the content offered is a bit too much.

BunHouse is for you if you:

-Enjoy simplistic and minimalistic games

-Do not care about having a plethora of decoration options

-Love learning a bit about plants

-Adore bunnies!

BunHouse is not for you if you:

-Cannot tolerate clunky controls (some interactions need multiple clicks to register)

-Get easily bored with minimalistic games

-Think this will let you customize your bunny and warehouse to your heart’s content

House Flipper

House Flipper

Developed By: Empyrean

Published By: Frozen District and Playway S.A.

Price: $24.99

Platforms: PC, Mac OS, PS, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and Android

House Flipper is a first-person house-renovation simulator. You are only one person responsible for flipping a house from a disgusting disaster to a cozy and beautiful home. The main goal is to renovate a house and sell it for a profit. Then, you get the chance to buy a bigger house, fix it and sell it for even more.

To start working, you’ll take job offers from different residents and slowly build your reputation. From cleaning up a party mess, giving walls fresh paint, installing heaters and air conditioners, to furnishing apartments. There is always something new to do. As I mentioned, once you complete a job, you can buy new homes to work on and sell. However, you can also work on your own house and turn it into your dream.

I love that this game is not only about decorating the house. This would have made it get boring pretty quickly. Instead, the addition of cleaning up, manually installing things like washing machines, showers, and more, as well as shopping for items you need, adds more to the fun factor. The best part is finishing up work and getting a sense of accomplishment when seeing the massive changes you made.

Not only that, but the more you work and use your tools, the more points you can use to make yourself better and more professional. House Flipper lets you gain experience points to use towards different skills. For example, you can choose to become faster when painting walls or become more efficient with the amount of paint you use. There are tons of improvements to choose from. This surely encourages you to play more and have a fun time.

I really love this game. You can sink hours into it or just play in bite-sized sessions. However, if you plan to buy this one, I want to let you know that I heard it does not run that well on the Nintendo Switch. I personally played it on PC. So, keep that in mind! Plus, there is plenty of DLC available. Some are good, some are bad. As far as I know, the new pets DLC is really fun and lets you care for lots of animals including cats, dogs, hamsters, and even lizards!

House Flipper is for you if you:

-You love decorating houses

-Enjoy high replayability value

-Want to get a small taste of what it would be like to renovate entire houses

-Always wanted to get into The Sims franchise, but only enjoy the decorating part of it

House Flipper is NOT for you if you:

-Easily get motion sickness from person-first games

-Easily get frustrated when trying to get 100% of a mission (cause some spots are extremely difficult to find and clean)

-HATE cleaning, even in games (this one has a lot of cleaning chores)

I hope you found a new cozy and wholesome game to add to your library today. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more from me, check out my YouTube and Twitter pages. On YouTube, I have plenty of cozy lists for you to watch. Stay bubbly, stay positive, and I will catch you in the next article piece!

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