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Finding out new about new games can happen in several ways. Normally it’s showcase events, for example, Gamescom or The Game Awards. That’s when you see the announcement via a World Premiere trailer. Word of mouth or shared tweets can also bring a game to your attention. I love simulation games so games like House Flipper for example are an interest. Though this game caught my eye by accident, the game being Hotel Renovator. This isn’t the only game of its genre on the way as consoles are also getting Cafe Owner Simulator.

The premise of Hotel Renovator looks similar to that of House Flipper but is much more detailed and striking visually. All this from looking for an update to another game on YouTube and this appearing in the search results. Since then I found after more digging it’s coming to PlayStation 5 as I found from a recent trailer. True Achievements also confirmed a release for Xbox Series X/S.

Hotel Renovator And What We Know

The console release states 2023 but we can tell you a concrete release date for PC. If you search for the game on Steam you’ll see it’s coming quite soon. So you can renovate hotels to your heart’s content or your uncle’s hotel from March 7th. It’s priced at $24.99 / £20.99 and has a 20% discount until launch, So if you wish to pre-order the price is $19.99 / £16.79. This could end up competing on console at least with Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator. That’s due later this year with games in their series out now or coming soon. Train Life: A Railway Simulator is out now and Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator due on February 23rd. So adding these to Hotel Renovator, it’s a good time for simulation fans.

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