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The latest Steam Next Fest event is over with demos that were available for a bunch of upcoming games like Pacific Drive and Indika. There is also a crafting game with mechs in Lightyear Frontier that looks very interesting. In a nice turn of events, horror fans are being catered to with some very interesting games coming soon. Alongside Pacific Drive, there is one game that really caught my eye and was on the Polygon list for demos to check out from the event. Hollowbody is being developed and published by Headware Games. You may be wondering why this is a horror offering and why we are talking about it today Polygon described this upcoming title as a “contemporary take on classic Silent Hill by way of Blade Runner”. Naturally, I am going to be very interested.

From their official site and social media, the devs tell us Hollowbody is their current project. They are a micro indie studio from Bristol in the UK that previously had another horror title on Steam called Chasing Static which has mostly positive reviews. I went into their upcoming title’s demo with a degree of optimism. The premise for their upcoming title is “a third -person survival horror game with an emphasis on strong world-building set in a dystopian near-future. With classic survival horror gameplay inspired by early 2000s horror titles such as Silent Hill 2, 3, Kuon, and Rule of Rose“. The story as we know it so far comes straight from the developers.

It’s a Shipper’s biggest fear. You’re grounded in the exclusion zone, twenty miles of death and decay sealed off by the towering, suffocating walls erected after the collapse.

Alone, stranded, and with limited resources at your disposal you’ll have to push your way through the zone, solve environmental puzzles, manage resources and fight for your life as you try to find a way to escape beyond the wall.

Play as Mica, an unlicensed Shipper working for an infamous ring of black market freelancers.

You need to find a way out. Call for evac, scale the walls. Something. Anything. Survive.

What Is on Offer And Demo First Look

Fortunately, we already know a lot of the features promised to be in the full release. While I saw some in this demo I can’t wait to the the full game and how the additional features will be implemented moving forward. Below are some of the already there or upcoming features.

  • Classic survival horror gameplay inspired by early 2000s horror titles.
  • Cinematic blend of dynamic and fixed camera angles.
  • Logic puzzles, resource management, and limited combat with a focus on narrative and exploration.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Full voice acting.
  • An emphasis on strong world-building that is set in a dystopian near-future.
  • Carefully paced save points ensure tension is maintained whilst respecting the player’s time.
  • Accessibility options to aid players who prefer exploration over combat.
  • New game + features.

From the get-go I was interested in this game as I only came across this game by accident on YouTube. Thankfully I now have it in my hands to play and play I did. Take a look at the gameplay below:

The Demo: Hopeful Spooky Times?

What can we gather from my time with the demo? Visually it’s a flashback as it is taking inspiration from the games it’s inspired by and captures the UK setting well. Everything about it is tense and filled with an eerie atmosphere that had me looking around at a few points. The control system is very similar to games from the time it is emulating and takes a little getting used to but it is not a deal breaker. The UI and inventory system works well and combat is based on ranged or melee and is easy to get a hang of.

If you want to know more about the game and support the developers then the Kickstarter is a good place to look. Even though you can’t donate to it now (at the time of writing) you can share the page and it contains tons of information about the game. The demo caught my attention even more then before and I was very impressed with the result. It is definitely for me one to keep an eye on. I’m interested to see where this project will go.

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