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Recently I have jumped into what would be considered Next-Gen VR with the PSVR2. After I waited almost ten months after launch I was met with a pleather of titles at my disposal. I was shocked to find as I was looking through the PlayStation store. That there was a tile for Arizona Sunshine 2!

I loved the original Arizona Sunshine when I played it back in holiday 2018 shortly after I had gotten the original PSVR. Six years later and a new hardware we have a sequel to one of my overall favorite VR experiences.

Arizona Sunshine 2 keeps the trend going in my opinion being one of the best VR experiences out there. On top of being a great sequel to its predecessor. The sequel amps up everything that made the original a great experience.

Next Gen VR has never felt better

My experiences here are all stemming from the original PSVR and the PSVR2. One of the highlights I found was the overall improved controls. Thanks to the new PSVR2 controllers which seem to be aligned with most modern VR controllers versus the original Move controllers. The gameplay and combat are much more fluid. Once you get the hang of the controls and where the placement of your inventory is located everything else becomes second nature.

The gameplay in Arizona Sunshine 2 is spread between two categories. One is more slower-paced paced with exploration being the focus as you scavenge and gather resources. These resources are used later on when making items. You can create proximity mines, grenades, or Molotov cocktails. Then there are more action-focused sections in the game. These sections revolve around hordes of zombies or should I say “Freddies” coming at you with an overwhelming force.

Combat can be hectic but I loved it. The game provides you with multiple weapons to use and they all operate differently. Melee weapons can also be found, however, they will break after a certain amount of uses. Your inventory can consist of two side arms and a weapon on your back. As well you can also store two separate items in your inventory. These items can stem from hand grenades, melee weapons, or food to restore your health.

Mans Best Friend

A new addition to Arizona Sunshine 2 outside of being able to play the game entirely in Coop. Is your friendly furry companion Buddy. You come across him early on in the game’s first level. Buddy will help you attack other Freddies, and grab items that the player cannot get to. As well Buddy can hold two extra weapons for you. You also can play fetch with buddy using either a tennis ball or a friendly zombie’s arm and of course pet your new furry companion.

While some of Buddy’s animations can be a little wonky from time to time. He was a great addition to the bleak but vibrant world of Arizona Sunshine 2.

There’s so much to Love

Arizona Sunshine 2 has so much going for it when you look at it from a gameplay perspective. Even to the point where the one downfall that I have is outshined in every capacity. The only negative that I can come across is the game’s story. It’s very loosely there and it’s more used as a driver and a purpose for getting from Point A to Point B.

There isn’t an engrossing amount of characters with depth to them. But yet I couldn’t stop playing and pushing on while enjoying every second. The gameplay is such a great driver that the rest just sit in the sideline. Successfully making multiple headshots in a row or dual-wielding meat cleavers to chop your way to the next location is 100% Grade-A fun. Also not to mention how satisfying reloading some of your guns felt. For example, I’m looking at you my trusty revolver. I kept wanting to go back even after I stopped playing to recharge my headset and controllers. What at the time felt like a short amount of time in the VR world. However, that turned out to be hours gone in the real world.

At the End of the Day

Would I recommend you the reader to go out and purchase a VR headset just to play Arizona Sunshine 2? Not necessarily. However, if you do already own a VR headset that has access to this title. I highly absolutely 100% recommend this game as a Must Play title. Outside of some tracking issues that I had, I have next to no other complaints. Only raving praise as I have noted here in this review.

Now let me get back into this world on Apocalyptic Difficulty!

Arizona Sunshine 2

Integrity Corner

Logan spent 10 amount of hours in the world of Arizona Sunshine 2 and unlocking 25/33 of the games trophies. The game was bought and paid for by the Reviewer themselves. Logan Cleared the campaign and dug into the Horde mode dispatching well over 1,000 Freddies along the way. You can follow him here on Twitter/X here!

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Arizona Sunshine 2






Sound Design





  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Quirky One Liners
  • Buddy your furry companion
  • Good Mix between Exploration and Action Sequences


  • Lacking Story
  • Tracking Issues in hectic gunfights

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