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You may have seen my early thoughts on the new action RPG by Avalanche and Portkey Games Hogwarts Legacy. After a few more hours I am even more impressed with the game. And one fan has discovered a way to make the game even better and can easily be done on the console. Usually tricks to improve games are left down to PC mods. Thankfully this time it’s not the case. This is down to the fact it’s a tip aimed at players using the controller. A control method we’ll see used primarily say on PlayStation 5.

Now the camera control is OK but it could be a touch smoother on a controller. It seems on Reddit one member found a remedy to improving this. So the general view on the post is that this new trick works and is said to be different like night and day. Bold claims indeed.

How To Improve The Hogwarts Legacy Camera

The advice on Reddit was very simple. All you need to do is go to settings and first turn the camera acceleration all the way down. The other change you need to make is to the camera sensitivity. So all you need to do is turn it up to its max setting. I tried it out myself and there is a visible difference and it’s combat where I noticed the most benefit.

Have you grabbed the latest adventure in the world of Hogwarts? If your using a controller to play the game were aware of this tip? As always we’d love to hear from you about this. Would you recommend changing the camera settings as suggested? So why not get in touch with us and tell us how you’re finding this wizarding story?

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