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There’s a ton questions that arise with the launch of new systems. With the PS5, chief among them is, how exactly do we add friends? The introduction of the PS5’s overhauled UI has left many player’s lost when finding the usual things. Messages, trophies, and adding friends are all located in different spots when compared to the PS4. So, here’s a small guide to rid your worries and help you build your friends list.

A Guide to Add Friends on PS5

  1. Once your PS5 is up and running, start by pressing the PS Button on the center of the DualSense controller. This will quickly bring up the control center, the lifeline for the user experience.
  2. Scroll through the options until you reach, Game Base, then select the option.
  3. Then, you’ll proceed by scrolling down your friend’s list until you reach the bottom. Finally, you’ll choose the View All Friends option.
  4. There, you’ll hop over two spots to your right and select Search.
  5. Type in the name of the friend you wish to add.
  6. Lastly, once the name is loaded, click on add friend and you’re good to go.
How to add friends on PS5 With that out of the way, you’ll hit the ground running once that PS5 enters your home. Hopefully, this short guide answered any questions pertaining to how to add friends on PS5. Once it’s actually done, it’s not a difficult process. But, it’s a far cry from how simple the PS4 handled it, so some confusion is inevitable when you first set this thing up.

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