A Glimpse Into The PlayStation 5 User Interface

A Small Look into the Future

We are less than a month until the PlayStation 5 is launched, and we could not be more intrigued as to what it has to offer. Well, it just so happens that earlier today we finally got a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 user interface (UI), or rather, the console’s user experience (UX). Today, during Sony’s surprise State of Play.

What’s new?

Calling the PS5’s user experience different would be an understatement, compared to its predecessor this console shows a complete overhaul. The PlayStation 5’s User Interface seems to have a wide variety of options when it comes to accessibility and putting the emphasis on a more gamer-friendly experience. What can we expect from today’s demonstration? Heads up, they stated that in the following weeks we will be getting more information and demonstrations of further features and a better look at what the PlayStation 5 has to offer.

It is one fast console – Throughout the State of Play this can be seen, but it is worth mentioning that the rebuilding of software regarding the PlayStation 5 is as real as it can get. The beauty of transitioning in seconds is truly a sight to behold on a console. In the State of Play (the video above), the delay when moving from Sackboy: A Big Adventure to Destruction AllStars, was a matter of seconds.

Control Center – Sony has gone the extra mile to make sure that while one is playing, there are options at your disposal. This comes in the form of what they are calling the “Control Center” menu. By simply pressing the PlayStation button, you will be able to access tools that involved notifications, seeing which friends are online, managing music, checking out download status, or even managing settings concerning the controller or console itself.

Activities – Essentially, when playing a game you will be able to access “Activities” (which manifest in the form of Cards). What purpose do these serve? These allow for a smoother experience when it comes to completing a mission, challenge, or missed opportunities in a game. How so? You can access “Activities” through the “Control Center” and discover new opportunities concerning gameplay, go back for missed items or situations, and even jump right into missions or challenges.

Furthermore, allowing more seamless transitions and not having to enter the rabbit hole of the internet for guides or tips. Some games will even have the option of watching helpful videos or screenshots in order to complete a task. This comes in the form of a help option within the Activity Cards. Mind you, Game Help is included for PlayStation Plus members in some PS5 games.

PS5 Activity Cards


Picture-in-picture – Of course, the “Activities” feature is one that will benefit from this, albeit not all of them. Some of the Activity cards will in fact be able to be placed in picture-in-picture mode, therefore allowing for an uninterrupted gaming session.

picture-in-picture PS5


Seamless Partying– When wanting to join a chat party with your friends you will be able to do so without ever leaving the game screen.

PlayStation 5 User Interface


Create in 4K – The PlayStation 5 is always capturing recent gameplay. You can capture screenshots and videos up to 4K on the console.

PlayStation 5 User Interface


If you wish to see it for yourself, do check out the first look of the PlayStation 5 user interface or read about it on their blog post.

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