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Sometimes you look for some game information and you stumble across a game you’ve never heard of and find it interesting. This is exactly the case with a game by Sometimes You and Sergey Noskov. I’d previously played another of his games called In Rays Of The Light so seeing a new title from him was interesting and caught my eye. If you like adventure games with a puzzle element for example or story-led like South Of The Circle then this may interest you. Though this game Hail To The Rainbow may offer a touch more.

We don’t know a lot about Hail To The Rainbow. In fact, the official website tells it’s a Sergey Noskov title coming 2025 to PC and consoles. It also gives the link to wish list the game on Steam. There is a trailer for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 so we know it’s coming to PlayStation though the last-gen console is no guarantee. The Xbox channel has no trailer yet but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming to Xbox.

Hail To The Rainbow What We Know

Both the Steam listing and the trailer above offer the same story. The game is set in a “dangerous and gloomy world of post-apocalyptic cyberpunk”. We play a man called Ignat who after losing his parents adapted to the new way of life and forged his life on his own. We get told this game as well being a first-person story-focused title contains “horror and shooter elements. The full game description states the following.

The story of a lonely young man named Ignat, who survives in the dangerous and gloomy world of post-apocalyptic cyberpunk. The few survivors of the tragic military events had to adapt to the new conditions of existence. Ignat, who lost his parents, was able to build his life alone and learned a lot in this new reality.
However, the life of the protagonist, which has already become familiar in a few years, changes dramatically when an unexpected message arrives by e-mail.

“Hail to the Rainbow” is a first-person story-driven adventure game with horror and shooter elements. In the universe of the game, you will face the dangers of a new reality, immerse yourself in the secrets of the surrounding chaos, and also relive the memories and moral torment of the protagonist. Explore the environment, explore electronic records and solve technical puzzles, collect items and upgrade your inventory, this will come in handy on your journey.

The game features include

  • Deep story and immersion in the universe
  • Spectacular cyberpunk – the style of post-apocalyptic Russia
  • Logical technical challenges and intense battles with opponents
  • Bonuses after walkthrough
  • Photo mode
  • Atmospheric soundtrack from “Nobody’s Nail Machine”

There is on Steam a news post that tells us the game has been two years in development and a couple more is expected at least. This is one I shall be keeping an eye on for certain

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