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So, about a year ago I wrote about some of my personal anticipated games. I listed some games which are now available such as The Last of Us Part 1 and A Plague Tale Requiem. Two other titles mentioned include one due in a couple of months with Alone in the Dark. The other mentioned the remake of a classic RPG called Gothic. This may be a title many are not familiar with, it was developed by Piranha Bytes. The same developers who released the Risen trilogy as well as ELEX and its sequel. As of 2019, it was announced they had been acquired by THQ Nordic.

Gothic is a classic RPG and THQ has already confirmed a full remake. According to the Steam listing it is being handled by Alkimia Interactive. You can also buy the original release of the 2001 game on Steam as well which can be found here. Furthermore, it seems the cult RPG is coming back and heading to the Switch as well. So let’s look at the new trailer below and the information we have.

The Return Of Gothic

When news broke about a release date for Gothic, I did expect news on the remake. The original Gothic Port trailer mentions “a beloved classic RPG” coming to the Nintendo Switch. It also stated this game is “finally available on a modern gaming console”. So what else can we expect from this modern port of Gothic?

  • Tailor-made controls
  • Improved graphics
  • Improved UI

A full list of fixes can be seen here. The official press release which can be found here tells us when we can expect the game to release.

THQ Nordic is more than happy to announce that Gothic Classic is coming to Nintendo Switch™ on September 28th, 2023! For the first time, relive this amazing RPG on a handheld console and enjoy the game that revolutionized roleplaying games on the go! Dive into dark times and adventures with great performance and a well adapted UI and controls – the classic is back and still a very in depth RPG with a lively simulation!

Are you looking forward to revisiting this classic? Or are you looking forward to the remake, which received a fresh look at the THQ Nordic Showcase with a new trailer following the classic reveal? It’s a game that brings back so many memories for me. As always, we welcome your feedback. So why not contact us and share them with us?

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