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Earlier this year, Sucker Punch Productions released their samurai epic,Ghost of Tsushima, into the world. The game instantly resonated with gamers everywhere and went on to become Sony’s fastest selling new ip. A feat that overcame the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne. Ghost of Tsushima Sales As it turns out, sales for Ghost of Tsushima caught even Sony off guard. In an interview with Games, Jim Ryan has admitted that the game has actually surpassed their initial forecast. When asked about acquisitions, Ryan pivoted and instead, choose to talk about Sucker Punch, stating:
“Let’s talk about Ghost of Tsushima, which has been a critical delight and certainly a commercial delight to an extent that we didn’t think it would be. That speaks volumes to the work that Sucker Punch has done to build on their previous canon of work.”
Sucker Punch has worked closely with Sony for a number of years dating back to the glory days of Sly Cooper. To see this small, Seattle based team getting mentioned alongside the likes of Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games and Insomniac Games, honestly feels like a long time coming. They’ve produced nothing but quality for years. And now, they’ve created a genuine delight of a swan song for the PlayStation 4 and fans adore what they’ve done. Ghost of Tsushima seeing both critical and commercial success translate into sales, has to be the icing on the cake for the team. One thing’s certain, Sucker Punch has many who’re chomping at the bit to see what they’re working on next.

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