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An overview of all the changes announced

With the recent announcement stream of the new Genshin Impact, 1.4 update there always comes a slew of Quality of life changes and game optimizations. This comes alongside the newest events in the update which I wrote about previously.

miHoYo has made great strides in listening to community feedback and improving the game overall but more importantly improving the Multiplayer. Having experienced issues with not being able to cook food, which is necessary for healing items, during coop in the 1.2 update, I discovered they had added it in a hotfix right before the 1.3 update allowing players in Coop to cook food.

Condensed resin limit raised:

An in game screenshot, of the ability to craft 5 condensed resin.

The first quality of life improvement is the change to Condensed resin. Condensed resin is a craftable gadget that allows players to save original resin, an in-game resource, used for receiving rewards from Ley lines, bosses, domains, and crafting.

Previously players could hold a maximum of 3 which we equal a total of 120 original resin, on top of players maximum resin of 160. Note that it is possible to go over the max only if use the condensed resin or fragile resin which gives 60. This gives players the ability to help store more than 2 days worth of resin for a total of 360; To be able to be used for farming on certain days for certain material domains or boss runs.

Manual Cooking for all recipes:

A very nice change that was announced was that they were giving the ability to manually cook food. In the game after you perfectly cook a dish so many times, you unlock the ability to auto cook the dish. Along with this is also the ability to make multiple dishes at once.

But now players will get the option to go back and cook all dishes manually one by one. This was stated to be because there is an achievement for making “Suspicious” dishes. This in-game achievement was unobtainable if the player perfected the dishes previously so this gives more freedom to cook as players wish.

Crafting action optimization:

The third announced change is a simple yet very useful update. When crafting items from cooking, alchemy, or forging players would have to change characters to be able to use passive skills. Which include creating doubles of items, or reducing item usage or potential refunds.

Now the game will remember what character players were using in certain menus. This helps without the constant need for scrolling through lists to find characters to use for certain crafting activities. However, players are still able to freely change characters as they wish.

World Level can be lowered:

One of the biggest changes was the announcement of the world-level adjustments. If players do the world ascension quest and the next world level is to hard, they will now have the option to revert down by one level. Note the rewards players will receive will also be lowered to reflect the world’s difficulty.

The option and explanation of lowering the world level.

However to note it was stated that there will be a 24 hour cooldown period between world level changes. But after that, if players feel they are prepared they can always raise their world level up to where it was. This helps players who may be struggling after doing their world ascension. This will only be available to players who have hit World level 5 though.

Player Namecard showcase:

An in game screenshot of the new namecard showcase.

A fun little addition being added is to player profiles. In the 1.3 update players were given their Character Showcase, which allowed players to show off their Favorite characters they have unlocked.

Well in the 1.4 update they will now be getting a namecard showcase. Namecards are the background for a player profile when you see click on them in the coop menu to look at a player’s info. Now players will be able to show off all the earned namecards they have from completing in-game achievements, as well as any from previous battlepasses.

Fleshing out more ways to show off a player’s accomplishments, as well as show off their favorite characters is always a nice addition to allow more expression for players.

Spiral Abyss interface overhaul:

The Spiral abyss acts as a major part of “Endgame” content as characters will work to beat increasingly harder Floors of enemies. Sometimes defeating them within a certain time limit or defending a ley line totem. The challenges start easy but slowly increasing in both enemy levels and difficulty; As well as complexity as later floors require using two teams.

The new update allows for some small but helpful changes that will help in the interface as well as the abyss itself. One is now that players will be able to Exit from the spiral abyss from the character select screen between floors. This allows players who don’t wish to continue to exit directly, instead of loading into a chamber and leaving. As well as the ability to check team composition with viewing elemental resonance.

Option to retry chamber directly mid-run.

And the most important change to the spiral abyss is the ability to retry a chamber mid-attempt. This means instead of players exiting and having to restart the whole floor; now they can directly retry the current chamber to go for perfect three stars. This is perfect for anyone, like me, who wants to get all possible rewards for all the events in-game.


With the Genshin Impact 1.4 update not only is there a slew of new content on the horizon; But the optimizations are also very nice. It’s updates like these that help to improve the player experience for both new and current players. And while some changes are small, there is definitely ones that are useful.

But the biggest thing to remember is these are only the big changes that they have confirmed for the update. There will always be smaller things optimized we will see in official changelogs after it is live. As well as there will always be smaller patches that can add smaller things as well.

Let me know your guys thoughts down below on how you feel about the quality of life changes for the Genshin Impact 1.4 update.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PS4, PC, Mobile devices, and a confirmed Switch version later this year.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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