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The popularity of Genshin Impact since its Beta launch in November has increased. Along with its supportive community and overwhelming reception; has been MiHoYos’ consistent and rapid updates. On March 6th MiHoYos hosted an online stream on their official YouTube channel detailing the new Genshin Impact 1.4 Update.

The update goes live on March 17th at 1:00 am PST, and with it will come a variety of new content. Like with previous updates it will include new minigames and rewards tied to this specific event. Some that are tied to the update itself, and finally a few new permanent additions.

For those wanting a quick overview of what’s coming in the event, you can watch the trailer that was posted to their official Twitter below:

For those wanting to get a breakdown of all the events that were announced keep on reading as I will be explaining everything coming in the Genshin Impact 1.4 update.

Windblume Festival:

So The first thing to kick things off for the 1.4 Update “Invitation of Windblume” is the Mondstadt Windblume festival itself. Acting as the counterpart to Liyues’ Lantern Rite event introduced in the 1.3 update. Where the Lantern Rite acted as the start of the Lunar New Year, the Windblume festival acts as a spring celebration.

Starting on March 17th, you will be able to experience a story centered around the festival and its celebration of freedom and love based on the teachings of the Anemo Archon. Being that the story is about Barbatos it is no surprise that the Tone-deaf bard, Venti, (A.K.A. Barbatos) plays a part in the story.

Along with a new event-based story is the inclusion of new event mini-games. Just how we saw many special mini-games as part of the Lantern rite, most notably the Theater Mechanicus tower defense mini-game; There will be 3 mini-games “Bullseye Balloons, Floral Freefall, & Ballads of Breeze

Bullseye Balloons: Test your skills as an archer as you try your hardest to achieve the highest score possible. But be careful of which balloons you shoot as some will add points and others will deduct them.

Floral Freefall: Fall with grace and style as you glide and collect as many floral bundles as quickly as you can. The more time left the bigger the bonus you can get. Find the best strategy as you fall to the top!

Ballads of Breeze: In spirit and celebration of the Anemo Archon, play a tune to soothe the soul. Participate in a rhythm game as you play songs on the lyre. With varying levels of difficulty, you play them all to earn more rewards.

Note that, as with other mini-games from previous events, these are not permanent and will only be around for a limited time. So make sure to take advantage and enjoy them while they last.

And the Final part included as a part of the Festival is a special domain called “Peculiar Wonderland.” In the domain, players will have to beat three randomized challenges before fighting a boss. Beating each challenge can give potential buffs to players.

All of the mini-games will offer many rewards such as Primogems, Mora, Refinement ore, Character experience, and more. Upon completing all the mini-games and earning enough of the completion tickets, Players can earn a special Commemorative Balloon as well as a lyre that they will be able to freely play to their heart’s content. As well as they can unlock a special bow called the Windblume Ode. Players will be able to earn enough to power it up to refinement level 5.

New Character and Banner Reruns:

The newly introduced Rosaria, the 4-Star Cryo Polearm Nun of doom.

As with every update, one of the most important things to be added of course is new characters. And for Genshin Impact this is especially important as more characters allow for new members to join the player’s team composition.

In the announcement, the newest Character to be up for grabs is “Thorny Benevolence” Rosaria a 4-Star Polearm user. First met during the Dragonspine story quest, this Sister of the Church of Favonious is a Protector of Mondstadt from the shadows.

Acting as a Strong DPS or Support based on build this cryo addition adds a veritable mix up to any team with her Elemental Skill to teleport behind smaller enemies and attack them with Cryo. As well as her Elemental Burst Ability Summoning a frozen lance that does AoE Cryo damage on impact as well as a persistent DoT.

Venti And Tartaglias character banner names, as well as Rosaria.

Along with the addition of Rosaria during the event, they are also rerunning previous event banners. For those that may have gotten into the game after launch, roughly around December or later, they may have missed their chance at certain characters. Namely, they would have missed both Venti and Tartaglia. With Venti being the focus of the Windblume Festival, it goes that they would bring back his limited-time summon banner, but it’s also nice to have the return of Tartaglia as well.

With both characters being Strong 5-Star Bow Users it helps to give more ranged fighters versus some of the starting characters many may have especially for those saving primogems as free-to-play players.

And finally, the last addition besides the addition of Rosaria and Venti & Tartaglia’s banner reruns is new weapons. Besides the event bow that was added, there is a new 5-Star bow called the Elegy for the End; as well as a few 4-star weapons as well, a sword The Alley Flash, a bow Alley Hunter, and a catalyst Wine and Song.

New Archon Quest and Events:

And one of the last things talked about in the Genshin Impact 1.4 update stream was the new quests and events outside of the Windblume Festival.

And one of the biggest additions is that the main story, also known as Archon Quests, is getting its next addition. In the new addition, the Traveler follows the ever lonesome Deinsleif as he investigates more into the secrets of the Abyss.

The Abyss Herald showcased for the newest Archon Quest.

In the Video we see the Traveler fighting a terrifying new enemy, the Abys Herald. The Traveler will learn more about this new enemy and how he ties into the evolving narrative. But they did not that this enemy will not be a World boss or enemy found out in the wild, but that could always change in a future update, but for now, he will be locked to the story quest.

Another of the new events being added for this update is the Contending Tides event. Deep in the heart of Daduapa Gorge is an arena for those wishing to prove themselves the strongest in Teyvat. In this event, players will be tasked with beating varying arena challenges of different enemy types all while under different status effects and restrictions.

Along with the previously stated events, the 1.4 update will also add the Wishful Drops event. In this, players will be tasked with taking an Oceanid to help explore areas and absorb other water creatures to grow, as well as send out expeditions. As you complete explorations players will collect special items to turn in to fight an enraged and more dangerous version of Rhodeia of Loch, one of the world bosses. The fight is changed from the standard fight currently in the game as the boss now has a physical body that can be directly damaged, as opposed to only damaging its water summons.

The first characters of the newly added Hangout Series Dating Sim.

And Lastly announced was as a permanent addition to the game called Hangout Events. Like some RPGs or specifically visual novel games, there are moments where the player can spend time with a certain character to grow their bond and relation with them unlocking certain endings. In this hangout series, the Traveler will be invited to spend time with a character and learn more about them.

The hangout series is essential an in-game “Dating Sim” style event, where players can unlock multiple endings with each Character, for different rewards as well as sometimes failing to get an ending. To be able to participate, players will need to use 2 Story keys for each time a hang out is completed. The first 4 characters that players will be able to spend time with are Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett.

As well as a returning mini-event with Marvelous Merchandise, where players can exchange, goods for a box of rewards from a Liyue merchant. This can be done in their world or in other players’ world with the rewards varying. Among all these events Primogems, mora, character and weapon experience, and talent materials are all up for grabs. As well as a new traveling companion with the mini Oceanid, similar to the Seelie that was apart of the lost Riches event in the 1.2 update.

Closing thoughts:

With so many events, mini-games, and rewards up for grabs, and the start of new permanent additions to the game, Genshin Impact 1.4 update is looking quite large and one of its biggest to date. It goes without saying that this is a massive step in the right direction for continuing players, as well as new ones to the game.

I know since I started playing in December I have been personally hooked on the game, and it has taken up much of my free time outside of other games. This update definitely shows that miHoYo continues to add new fun content within each update. And while not all are permanent they’re committed to growing the game with new additions that will be permanent and at a rapid pace, which shows there is so much more to enjoy in the world.

Let me know your guy’s thoughts on everything coming in the Genshin Impact 1.4 Update and if you’re looking forward to the new events.

Genshin Impact is available on Ps4, Ps5, PC, and Mobile; With a confirmed Switch port in the works.

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