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Players will finally be able to fight against one of the most powerful Marvel villains ever created. Galactus will be coming to Fortnite next week in an epic live event. Players will be able to play on December 1st in a live event that will have players going against the big purple villain. Galactus has been teased this entire season as the villain that will be attacking the island. The event will be starting at 4 PM Eastern(1 PM Pacific). Players need to get in the game at least an hour before the event starts. Epic has laid out these features for content creators.
  • We’re working with partners to ensure that content creators can share this unforgettable event with their communities. We’ll be updating this post with added details regarding copyright claims prior to the event. Stay tuned.
  • For content on other platforms, refer to your channel’s platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes.
  • Replays will not be available at the conclusion of the event. To share your experience with other players, capture the event locally or via streaming.-
The game has featured plenty of different Marvel skins that players can unlock. Recently players were able to purchase Venom as a new skin. I really hope to see everyone out there either watching the event or playing in it. Expect more Marvel crossovers to happen in Fortnite in the future.

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