Venom is Coming to Fortnite

This week players will have the chance to unlock the Venom skin in Fortnite. Players knew this was going to eventually happen given that you can use his powers in the game.

Update: This will be a duos cup that starts in a few hours. Players will be unlocking the new skin.

Just like Fortnite has done for Black Widow and Ghost Rider. Starting on Wednesday players will be able to participate in another Marvel Knockout Series Cup. This one will of course involve everyone’s favorite anti-hero Venom. The Fortnite Twitter account was kind enough to post this teaser.

Right now we don’t know if this a solo cup or duos. Once that information is released I will update this article.  As always you will be able to buy these skins with actual money. Just be away that this is a free to play game with purchased used with V-Bucks. The in-game currency makes it a little less painful when you’re buying a new skin. Players can go out right now and play Fortnite on their Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 consoles. This is one of the many games that we’re ready to go on day one.

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