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If it’s not a horror game coming and catching my eye it’s another simulator. Or in the case of Autopsy Simulator, it’s a game that meets both. That’s on our list of horror games you may be unfamiliar with. You also have a game like Two Point Campus which is the follow-up to Two Point Hospital. It was very much the same game just set in a Hospital theme. However, it seems that game has inspired another called Galacticare

So what is Galacticare, is the question that will be asked by anyone who saw the title. Similar to a game like Two Point Hospital in terms of theme. It is set in space and you’re pretty much describing this upcoming title.

What On Earth Is Galacticare All About

Brightrock Games and publisher CULT Games are bringing this to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. We also have a trailer to show you below.

The listing on Steam may or may not describe this unique entry into the genre. It says we need to “save the galaxy – one patient at a time! As the new director of Galacticare, you will build and manage a series of hospitals to keep your patients alive for as long as possible – for money! And also because itโ€™s the right thing to do”. Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed, the patients are aliens. The game features when it launches later this year

  • Design, furnish, and upgrade your hospital while you manage an onslaught of horrendously diseased patients.
  • Hire doctors with distinct traits and backgrounds and balance them to make a highly effective hospital.
  • Keep everyone relatively content by satisfying their various needs; nutrition, claustrophobic spaces, micturition, art, postmodern art, and many other demands.
  • Build and improve experimental treatment facilities to scale with the ever-evolving problems of running a hospital.
  • Play through the campaign or enter sandbox mode, where you can take your time to make your hospital as handsome and efficient as possible

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